Stainless Steel Screen Water Walls

stainless steel water wall kool effects

This beautiful water wall feature is made of high quality stainless steel screen. This awesome feature looks amazing in restaurants, reception rooms, spas, offices, and gardens. Choosing this option for your property is very stylish and modern that will set a contemporary business setting. The water wall has a system where the water will recirculate from a reservoir hidden inside making this feature self-contained. The construction of this feature is made from high quality stainless steel and is highly resistant to corrosion that is easy to clean. Water walls are a versatile feature that looks beautifully used inside and outside. The water wall also includes lights; Two lights in the base of the feature that will illuminate is from below that will make it look impressive at darker hours of the day.

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Why Choose This Feature?

Stainless steel water walls are a perfect way to add design in an office or spa creating a calm and peaceful setting. They are easy to care for and are self-contained. Choosing this feature will add a beautiful ambiance to any room to make it look more professional and modern.

Stainless Steel Designs

There are tons of stainless steel design to choose from. You can choose from vertical, horizontal, flat or even shiny. Also which would you prefer classic or modern? You will find there are many options to choose. Remember to choose what will be suit you and what will match your settings on your property or in your office area.

Want Your Business Logo?

On this stainless steel screen water feature, you can also have the option if you prefer to have your logo on your water wall or without. Stamping your logo onto this peaceful feature is a perfect way to incorporate your company’s information in a beautiful way.

Still deciding if you want to add a water wall to your office or reception room? This feature adds class and sets a calming mood to the room. Also, it’s self-contained and super easy to clean. Kool FX can install and maintain water walls for you in your home or even a commercial space for you. We will assist you with every step of the process, from design to installation. Contact us today at 480-236-6411 or email us to schedule an estimate or to discuss a water feature for your property.

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