Water Features

Kool Fx water features create an unparalleled visual and auditory experience, combining sophisticated design with the timeless beauty of water in motion. Our Mesa custom water walls, Mesa waterfalls, fountains and unique features bring out the best in commercial and residential properties, enriching the surroundings and providing natural benefits.

A few of the benefits of custom water features

  • Distinguish your business and draw more clientele
  • Create a stunning focal point for virtually any area
  • Transform your home or garden into a personal retreat
  • Reduce stress and increase productivity in workplaces
  • Naturally humidify dry air while reducing allergens
  • Dampen unwanted background noise in busy locations
  • Encourage mental relaxation and improve concentration

Our Clients

Kool Fx has served a wide range of clients in the United States and abroad, from private homeowners to prestigious luxury resorts and casinos. Our qualified team is dedicated to excellence at every stage of the process, providing comprehensive consultation, design, manufacturing and installation.

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